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Bank Toons & Their Inventory

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Bank Toons & Their Inventory Empty Bank Toons & Their Inventory

Post  Vamp Mon Aug 27, 2012 3:57 pm

I have finally compiled a list of inventory for those bank toons that have a variety of items for org use. If anyone needs these to use or borrow, please tell me in game. The list is as follows:


AI Tools
Complete Nightmare Ethers
Deck Items
NCU & Morphing Memory
Typed Bio-Material
Omnifiers & Clanalizers
IS Passes
Crypt Collars
Filled Source Crystals (Currently OOS on these due to nano bug - will be fixed with next patch)
Tradeskill Items
Health & Nano Kits
Fragments of the Source
Hot & Cold Stones
Katara Sunglasses
AI Tradeskill Items
Carbonrich Rocks
Notum Threaded Blankets
Perennium Parts
Robot Junk
Spirit Tech Barrels
Range Meters


Carb Armor
Basic Flowers Armor
Biomech Treatment Armor
Cloaks & Web Cloaks
Crawler Armor
Padded Love Armor (Fixer)
Cyborg Death Squad Armor
Kirch Kevlar Armor
MA Suits
Hanshi Secundus Decus Armor
Miy's Melee QLs up to 250
Miy's Nano QLs up to 250
Miy's Ranged QLs up to 250
Miy's Tank QLs up to 250
Miy's Scary QLs up to 250
MP Yearning Sets
Nano Hoods
Nova Dillon Armor
Organic & Graft Armor
Sekutek Chilled Plasteel Armor
Senpai Primus & Tertius Armor
Servants of Eight Armor
Shade Tattoos
SL Armor
Special Glasses
Special Omni Armor
Newcomers Armor
Ofab Sets
Paid Point Social Clothing
Battle Suits & Tank Armor
Med Suits
Augmented Nano Armor
Predator Armor
Varieties of Mixed Armor Parts


Sense Bags
Concrete Cushions
Filigree Rings
BBQ Pillows
Divine Teardrop Rings
Endurance Rings
Element Power Rings
Energy Power Rings
Melee Power Rings
Nucleus Basalis Rings
Offense Rings
Projectile Power Rings
Striped Pillows
XP Rings
Essence Rings
Rings of Presence
Crypt Rings
Advanced Scent Sensors
Grasping Ring
Shades of Lucubration
Rat Catcher Goggles
Sureshot Glasses
Experienced Aviator Sunglasses
Treatment Libraries
Adrenaline & Endorphine Factories
QL 120 Bloodlust Set
Shade Twinking Ability Spirits
Personalized Basic Robot Brains +sense
Stinging Louse
Cama's Pearl of the Left Brain
Dirty Bioplast Overall
Supporting Carbonan Holster +str
Spirit Tech Circlet of Cerubin


IDs & a wide variety of nano crystals for all professions. Too many to list.


Wide variety of imps, symbiants, & shade spirits. Too many to list.


Wide variety of AI weapons
BBI weapons
Compressed Blades
Division 9s
Growling Bows
Home Defenders
Energy Rapiers
Illicit Laser Backups
River MVs
Krutt Assaults
MTI - Russian Good Days
MTI Aleph
Other MTI Weapons
Nano-charged Weapons
Old English Trading Company
OT Kerans Automatic Grinners
Other OT Weapons
Sol Fire Executioners
Variety of Sticks & Staffs
Tiig Weapons
Counter-Sniper Rifles
Uncle Bazzits
MTI B-94s
Sol K weapons
FDA Caterwauls
Variety of pistols, swords, piercing, shotguns & more.

**Many of these items come in a variety of quality levels and I have a large quantity of them in stock. Those items that I have more than 3 of, can be given away, others in low quantity can only be borrowed for a short period. I will let you know which is which when you make a request for something. Much of my stock was gathered or collected by my son and I over the years, which was the inspiration to upkeep it as an org bank; many of the special items were donated by org members or friends outside of the org. I still continue to accept donations of any and all items you feel will be helpful to others. Thanks to everyone for all their support and donations.

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