Ota's list of highly sought junk

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Ota's list of highly sought junk

Post  Ota on Sat Nov 26, 2011 2:02 pm


QL 35+ Nova dillon sleeve (not much higher than 35)
Found on dynas AND mission bosses.

QL 200 Diamondine kick pistol.
Drop from diamondine soldier in EFP - but also not so rare so possible to find on GMS with regular intervals.

Ring of presence: Need 2 as low QL as possible and 1 with 2-mods and no higher than lvlreq 60.
Found on dynas and mission bosses. Low QL RoP found on back yard bosses.

Ql 235+ platinum ingots. (as many as I can get)
Found on dynas and mission bosses.

*AQUIRED*QL 99-100 flea bite.Thank you Io
Found on dynas. (and maybe also mission bosses)

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