Couple funny copy-pastes from org chat

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Couple funny copy-pastes from org chat Empty Couple funny copy-pastes from org chat

Post  iostalin on Fri Nov 25, 2011 3:51 pm

[Neptueg Atav] Otasolgryn: Second-Hand IMI Desert Reet 1000 How do I customize this? Razz
[Neptueg Atav] Neptuegatav: [Guest] Makler: lol hit it with a hammer
[Neptueg Atav] Neptuegatav: [Guest] Rhysthuryn: Yep GBH will Customized it nicely
[Neptueg Atav] Otasolgryn: ahh yes those paper sledge hammers. Very Happy
[Neptueg Atav] Neptuegatav: [Guest] Makler: Anything worth fixing can be fixed with a hammer
[Neptueg Atav] Iostalin: Senior Sledgehammer / Professional Sledgehammer Senior Sledgehammer
[Neptueg Atav] Otasolgryn: Hahaha Io.
[Neptueg Atav] Iostalin: Wink
[Neptueg Atav] Neptuegatav: [Guest] Makler: and remember if at first you don't succeed. Get a bigger hammer
[Neptueg Atav] Neptuegatav: [Guest] Rhysthuryn: I suggest the Professional Sledgehammer
[Neptueg Atav] Otasolgryn: You have all sorts of crap.
[Neptueg Atav] Iostalin: as you see - i great customizator
[Neptueg Atav] Neptuegatav: [Guest] Rhysthuryn: LOL
[Neptueg Atav] Iostalin: need try to customize gifts from leets
[Neptueg Atav] Neptuegatav: [Guest] Makler: those customize better if you try to customize the leet first Smile
[Neptueg Atav] Iostalin: LOL
[Neptueg Atav] Iostalin: Custoleets
[Neptueg Atav] Otasolgryn: Lol!
[Neptueg Atav] Iostalin: or... Hammerleets?
[Neptueg Atav] Neptuegatav: [Guest] Rhysthuryn: Now those sound like Fun
[Neptueg Atav] Neptuegatav: [Guest] Makler: This leet has been customized into a more compact flattened form for easier storage
[Neptueg Atav] Iostalin: muahahahaha
[Neptueg Atav] Otasolgryn: That's wahat happened to the rats I think. Customized into balls.
[Neptueg Atav] Neptuegatav: [Guest] Rhysthuryn: Not to mention Convienent Stacking
[Neptueg Atav] Iostalin: "Dont show it to greenpeace!"
[Neptueg Atav] Neptuegatav: [Guest] Makler: lol
[Neptueg Atav] Neptuegatav: [Guest] Makler: So customized reets are stackable I like that idea
[Neptueg Atav] Otasolgryn: Stackable, but not splitable.
[Neptueg Atav] Iostalin: why not splitable??
[Neptueg Atav] Otasolgryn: Ok WW is a bit better. but not much SOL Fire Executioner Type C | SOL Fire Executioner Type C
[Neptueg Atav] Iostalin: oh! you find customization tools for make leets splitable!
[Neptueg Atav] Otasolgryn: no stackable.
[Neptueg Atav] Iostalin: Spleets!
[Neptueg Atav] Otasolgryn: Hahaha.
[Neptueg Atav] Neptuegatav: [Guest] Rhysthuryn: LOL
[Neptueg Atav] Neptuegatav: [Guest] Makler: Thought the corspe cutter was the right thing to make it splitable
[Neptueg Atav] Neptuegatav: [Guest] Rhysthuryn: yeah that should do the Trick
[Neptueg Atav] Iostalin: if only we sell that idea to FC...
[Neptueg Atav] Iostalin: we become reachest ppl on RK2
[Neptueg Atav] Iostalin: new fun! splitting a leets!
[Neptueg Atav] Iostalin: lf tser for split a leet
[Neptueg Atav] Neptuegatav: [Guest] Makler: lol
[Neptueg Atav] Iostalin: Terry, wear doctor cloak, we have some new ts process for you
[Neptueg Atav] Neptuegatav: [Guest] Makler: lol
[Neptueg Atav] Neptuegatav: [Guest] Rhysthuryn: LOL

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Couple funny copy-pastes from org chat Empty And here our roleplay master - darlin :)

Post  iostalin on Fri Nov 25, 2011 4:03 pm

[Neptueg Atav] Bloodsdesire: Anyway...who wants to come play with me??
[Neptueg Atav] Zabo: what lvl is ur higher one?
[Neptueg Atav] Bloodsdesire: 144 i think
[Neptueg Atav] Bloodsdesire: she is on my SL acct
[Neptueg Atav] Bloodsdesire: once i got a new full exp acct decided to try with another shade
[Neptueg Atav] Bloodsdesire: her name is Shareen
[Neptueg Atav] Zabo: cool, thats when they start to get vicious, around 150 plus i think
[Neptueg Atav] Bloodsdesire: oh great lol
[Neptueg Atav] Bloodsdesire: oh shades you mean ok that works lol
[Neptueg Atav] Zabo: hehe yea
[Neptueg Atav] Zabo: I'm sure the mobs r vicious, if u got o thte right places lol!
[Neptueg Atav] Bloodsdesire: she leveled grinded to 60 before using spirits, but she was able to get alot of teams to help her level too
[Neptueg Atav] Neptuegatav: Shareen (Level 144/0 Neutral Shade) Member of Neptueg Atav has logged on - Ladydragos's Alts
[Neptueg Atav] Bloodsdesire: and with Caz and Osaa's help she just got her tier 1 armor about a week ago
[Neptueg Atav] Bloodsdesire: and it looks HOT lol
[Neptueg Atav] Zabo: rofl
[Neptueg Atav] Shareen: You talking about me again, little sister??
[Neptueg Atav] Bloodsdesire: Umm only good stuff I swear. No family secrets I promise
[Neptueg Atav] Shareen: lmfao
[Neptueg Atav] Iostalin: she say true!
[Neptueg Atav] Shareen: Hush you before I have to molest you
[Neptueg Atav] Shareen: arches her brow at Iostalin crossly
[Neptueg Atav] Shareen: Oh wait, you need a spanking not a molesting lol
[Neptueg Atav] Iostalin: )
[Neptueg Atav] Iostalin: girls talks... ehh
[Neptueg Atav] Shareen: Aint no girls here, darlin. Just us women lol
[Neptueg Atav] Iostalin: ohh, im sorry, mesdames
[Neptueg Atav] Shareen: lmfao
[Neptueg Atav] Shareen: blows Iostalin a big kiss
[Neptueg Atav] Iostalin: Very Happy
[Neptueg Atav] Depredate: i think the neptueg bot hates me >_<
[Neptueg Atav] Shareen: Bang on it, it breaks down now and then
[Neptueg Atav] Zabo: lol
[Neptueg Atav] Depredate: lol
[Neptuegatav]: Message of the day: My Shade Account will be Frozen for a few weeks as I'm straightening out RK4's finances; however I 'will' still have my MP and be on there randomly. Also register on forums @
[Neptueg Atav] Depredate: been spamming me over and over for like a month non stop heh
[Neptueg Atav] Shareen: Ah it loves you
[Neptuegatav]: 2 Users Online »» Click to View
[Neptueg Atav] Iostalin: i think Depredate prefere live humans... bot have no chanses
[Neptueg Atav] Shareen: Yea humans much tastier lol
[Neptueg Atav] Depredate: yummy? lol
[Neptueg Atav] Iostalin: ... if you cook them right way
[Neptueg Atav] Shareen: lol
[Neptueg Atav] Shareen: Oh no raw is much much better
[Neptueg Atav] Depredate: *adds salt*
[Neptueg Atav] Shareen: grins wickedly
[Neptueg Atav] Shareen: Plenty of salt in the blood, darlin
[Neptueg Atav] Iostalin: its question of taste
[Neptueg Atav] Shareen: then I guess I have plenty of taste lol
[Neptueg Atav] Depredate: too much copper
[Neptueg Atav] Shareen: rolls over laughing her ass off lol
[Neptueg Atav] Shareen: Tasted pretty salty to me lol
[Neptueg Atav] Shareen: Full of vitamims and minemals
[Neptueg Atav] Shareen: lmfao
[Neptueg Atav] Iostalin: hear like his stamic scream...
[Neptueg Atav] Shareen: Oh no, no screaming
[Neptueg Atav] Shareen: Moaning and begging is SO much better
[Neptueg Atav] Shareen: Oh did you know that shades are basically vampires??
[Neptueg Atav] Shareen: grins
[Neptueg Atav] Shareen: We suck the life right out of ya lol
[Neptueg Atav] Depredate: Razz
[Neptueg Atav] Shareen: Umm, sissy, you have alot of catching up to do. Sitting on your ass isnt going to help.
[Neptueg Atav] Bloodsdesire: I know, I know. Leave me be.
[Neptueg Atav] Iostalin: hmm, i think vampires not drink vodka
[Neptueg Atav] Bloodsdesire: Im planning my strategy
[Neptueg Atav] Bloodsdesire: So hush with your big 144 self
[Neptueg Atav] Iostalin: because last test shows, that is no bllod in my alcohol...
[Neptueg Atav] Shareen: You are supposed to be out capturing umm killing prey and luring the men to their death, not sitting around looking cute.
[Neptueg Atav] Bloodsdesire: Well at least one of us is good at something. *grins cause she is the prettier one*
[Neptueg Atav] Depredate: lol
[Neptueg Atav] Bloodsdesire: mumbles to herself...Even if you do have your assets hanging out for everyone to see, tramp.
[Neptueg Atav] Shareen: Uh huh, I heard that. If you got it, flaunt it. Now I take my leave and you best get to work on those levels.
[Neptueg Atav] Neptuegatav: Shareen has logged off
[Neptueg Atav] Bloodsdesire: But, but..... I want to playyyyyyyy lol
[Neptueg Atav] Iostalin: is hard to be smaller one in family...
[Neptueg Atav] Depredate: can i be in the middle? Smile hehehe
[Neptueg Atav] Bloodsdesire: No, no I am always the one in the middle lol
[Neptueg Atav] Bloodsdesire: Yes it is and she just loves rubbing it in
[Neptueg Atav] Bloodsdesire: Smart ass bitch lol
[Neptueg Atav] Bloodsdesire: Ok who wants to play with me in LE??
[Neptueg Atav] Bloodsdesire: Know what they say, the family that kills together stays together lol
[Neptueg Atav] Bloodsdesire: oh wait make that org not family wrong venue lol
[Neptueg Atav] Bloodsdesire: ughh meds are messin with my head but woot yea no more pain

You are proud you can solo some hard mob by playing on 2 duallogged toons?
PFFFFF! Try to beat darlin in roleplay first!
Very Happy

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