List of peoples general active times?

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List of peoples general active times?

Post  Bloodrising on Thu Oct 13, 2011 7:43 am

I found this a good tool in my old forums -- a general listing of when people are most likely to be found online. -- It made it easier for our new users to know when people were online (to grab buffs/wrangles/etc...). Thought I'd start something similar here if thats alright. Smile

Just post your main toon (alts if u want), and the times that you find yourself online (please include timezone.)

Bloodrising (Doc)
Lugieth (NT)
Kauh (NT)
Inoculate (Keeper)
Groinsy (Fixer)
Sizlak (Agent)
Healewz (Doc Sub 25 Twink)
Offend (Enforcer Totw/Tower 60 Twink)
Looder (Enforcer)

Online most afternoons (past 4pm PST), and Sat/Sun Mornings. If Im rained off of my work, I'll be on throughout the weekday (usually 8-4ish PST).


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Re: List of peoples general active times?

Post  Ankolsen on Thu Oct 13, 2011 10:40 am

It is a good idea Smile

toons : Ankolsen - Onkelolsen - and some other olsen toons and alts.

I'm from Denmark - so depending on winter/summer time im in a GMT +1 or 2 hour time zone - however I'm on at weird times - sometimes late sometimes early - sometimes allover the place, hard to say exactly... Very Happy

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Online Status

Post  Vamp on Sat Oct 15, 2011 7:03 pm

Hello, Im usually on most of the day and night on one toon or another (too many to list), but feel free to check my alts list whenever you need. Im regularly on any time after 2 pm EST until around 3 am EST, but as many know Im on off and on all day and night. If that helps any lol

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Re: List of peoples general active times?

Post  iostalin on Fri Nov 25, 2011 2:40 am

Im available every evening , from 20:00 till 01:00 (my time), and im from Russia so here is GMT+3:00. Mostly on weekends im online all day.

Iostalin - froob 200 crat twink, with all nanos, incl. improved ones.
Aiboluk - 220 doc, all nanos.
Baffmachina - froob 200 agent, with all FP nanos available for her.
Texnikin - 220 engi, highskilled tradeskiller (any or almost any ingame tradeskills).
Unnat - 150 paid advy, all nanos for 150 lvl twink.

also - Mistakenf - 32 lvl froob nanomage pistol enforcer, not finished, maded just for lulz. Very Happy
and bunch of unfinished lowbie froobs, future twinks.

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Re: List of peoples general active times?

Post  Ota on Sat Nov 26, 2011 1:17 pm

I am in CET which is +1 hour from GMT, but with that said , my online times are highly irregular. At periods of playing AO, I'm online alot though - both day and night.

I am 100% froob and as such can't provide any poob buffs/assistance but I can cover most RK buffs and also have a TS'er for low and medium reqqed jobs.

My toons can be identified by the majority of them containing "Ota"/"Otas" in their nicks one way or another. However don't mistake me for Otacustes.

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Re: List of peoples general active times?

Post  Letoatreides on Thu Mar 15, 2012 2:58 am

After a year of abstinence I returned in AO as froob. I live in eastern Europe (GMT +2) and usually I'm online every evening on my free account for now. These days I enjoy the froob life with my new toon Dmurr along with my girl friend's first character Karaan. At this point I can play only two characters:

-Dmurr (lvl 37, fixer nanomage, future buffing toon)
-Moneo (lvl 39, martial artist nanomage, pvp buffing support)

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Re: List of peoples general active times?

Post  Hopeasaukko on Thu Mar 15, 2012 1:40 pm

I'm from Finland (GMT+2) and I'm probably most active during day / evening but sometimes I might be online during night / morning. Depends a day and real life I guess..

I'm probably most active with my Mizufluffy. Few other toons I could mention by name are
Hopeasaukko, Denzyr, Mioflare and Neuzoire.
Probably better idea is to check my !alts list, org bot knows more names.

Little info about those names:
Mizufluffy - 218 omni MA, The Darkside
Hopeasaukko - 216 neutral NT, Neptueg Atav
Denzyr - 25 neutral doctor, Neptueg Atav
Mioflare - 14 neutral doctor, Neptueg Atav
Neuzoire - 6 neutral adventurer, Neptueg Atav
Mizu and Hope might (and probably will) get more levels but Denzyr, Mioflare and Neuzoire are twinked at their level.

Few of my froob toons:
Chenin - fixer that I use for fgrid
Desbla - CoH warper engi
Snilech - agent for FG / ES
Dalanope - trader for low wrangles
Reandway - doc for SFA / IC
Neazah - MP for mochams (also infuses and lower buffs)
Dapsi - lvl 60 MA for killing any other (totw) mobs than Uklesh / Khalum / Aztur in totw
... and many others


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Re: List of peoples general active times?

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