Org City to be Demonished

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Org City to be Demonished Empty Org City to be Demonished

Post  Vamp on Fri Jun 20, 2014 2:16 pm

Hello, everyone. My son and I are back now. I am posting to let everyone know that we just received a notice that the org city will be demolished within the next 42 hours. We need to reduce the cost of the city's upkeep by removing some of the buildings, and if anyone has extra credits burning holes in their pockets please donate. Current city cost is a little over 117,500,000, but the bank only has a little over 20 million remaining. My son and I could cover the cost for another month at least, but not much more than that since we have been inactive for so long and need to learn the ropes again. We are also in need of a high ranked member to reinstate our characters membership from applicants to something more. We would like to see everyone back and ready to rumble but know that life changes things for everyone. We too have had some life changes lately. My mother passed away of lung cancer this past April 6th, and my father is in very bad health, requiring my son and I to help look after him, all of course while dealing with my own bad health. I really hope that most of you still keep up with this site, because we really dont want to lose our city and want to try and build up the org again.

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Org City to be Demonished Empty Re: Org City to be Demonished

Post  Ota on Fri Jun 20, 2014 4:22 pm

I feel we need to consider if it's really worth paying ~115M Crs monthly to keep a city running that we hardly use. I guess it's ultimately up to the players that want to do AI raids that should get together and do some math to see if it is profitable to do so. I have no need for the city after they merged the server and moved all the cities to some "org" instances. Now that our city is no longer situated in CAV, I never use it anymore. The limit of my use of it before the merge was also only getting carb rocks and getting to dynasites quickly. That's not an option anymore.

I have been online abit these last weeks and I have not seen alot of ppl logging on regularly. Of the ones coming to my mind, are: Gizmo, Peluches, Mundell, Lili, Rhys, Flip, Jay. - sorry to whoever I probably forgot here. Smile

So amongst those ppl, you have to decide if you wanna keep paying. I will not pay. I'm perfectly happy with us just keeping the NA name going and having the bot running without the city.


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Org City to be Demonished Empty Re: Org City to be Demonished

Post  Ankolsen on Tue Sep 30, 2014 4:51 am

No it is not.  Cool

I'm sorry to hear about your mum and dad vamp - if there's anything i can do to help, please speak up - you're familly, we love you !
If there's anyway I can help just ask.

Just added another 2 billion - so it's safe for now - thanks to vamp and shadowfading for keeping it up while I'm an inactive lazy sod. Cool

And I still think we need a new and more active President than me - but since noone wants the job...

You're stuck with me I guess. Twisted Evil

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Org City to be Demonished Empty Re: Org City to be Demonished

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