The story of NA :

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The story of NA : Empty The story of NA :

Post  Ankolsen on Tue Jan 18, 2011 5:53 pm

This page
is meant to contain our story - it will at last ^^ I know I'll forget alot of names - I'm sorry - comes with old age - but I do remember

In the beginning there was Jenshai - froob afficionado - and a very nice person if you get to know her Wink

We met on Newland Prison hill/subway back in 2005/6 after org was formed - Groyx Cazador Terry Alling Leto Mayan Sayo Oby it all blurs, and alot more, Jenshai will know - where have you all gone ?? - ahhh - some stilll here bounce

I'm probably the worst president in the history of AO - my memory sucks Wink

gonna get Jenshai in here to comment on our first history ^^ - think drama is overdue now Smile

And always remember - were NA - we're not immortal - just hard to get rid off Smile -

Old and rusty -


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